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We Asked 16 Bartenders: What’s Your Go-To Tequila? (2023)

Updated: Oct 5, 2023


The tequila selection in the United States has never been better: Between the influx of options being brought in from Mexico and the bartenders across the country championing all kinds of agave spirits, there’s a reason tequila is set to overtake vodka as the most popular spirit in the nation. But sorting through the options can be overwhelming, which is why we always opt to trust the experts. To get their take on a workhorse option, we asked bartenders to share with us their go-to tequilas. Here’s what they said.

Go-to tequila, according to bartenders:

  • Tequila Ocho

  • Tapatio Extra Añejo

  • Siete Leguas

  • El Tesoro Blanco

  • Tapatio

  • Don Fulano Reposado

  • Mijenta Blanco

  • Cascahuin Blanco

  • Volans Blanco

  • Corazon Blanco

  • El Tesoro Reposado

  • Teremana Blanco

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