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The 30 Best Tequilas for 2023


top tequilas for 2023

Tequila hasn’t claimed the crown of best-selling spirit in America just yet — only vodka now stands in its way on that front — but Mexico’s famous agave distillate has firmly established itself as a staple of stateside drinking culture.

The category benefits from arriving in a range of styles, from earthy and spiced blancos to subtly aged reposados and luxurious añejos. Those different guises provide versatility: Tequila stars in a variety of cocktails, most notably the Margarita, and proves just as adept for sipping occasions.

As interest in tequila spikes, conversations surrounding production techniques and ingredients are also gaining importance. Bottles made with additives and/or using corner-cutting equipment simply don’t cut it among modern-day bartenders and agave aficionados.

In this ranking of the best of the best in the category, you won’t encounter blancos that taste like birthday cake or expressions stripped of all agave character because of diffusers. Instead, you’ll find bottles for every budget that highlight the impressive depth of styles and technique the category has to offer.

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