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Additives in Tequila - Common Additives and Their Effects

Tequila can legally contain limited amounts of additives for flavoring, coloring, aroma, and viscosity enhancement. The most common additives include caramel color for darkening, glycerin for a smoother mouthfeel, oak extract for a woody flavor, and sugar-based syrups for sweetness. While these additives can make tequila more palatable to some consumers, they may also mask the true quality of the spirit and alter its traditional flavor profile. Understanding the types of additives and their effects can help consumers make informed choices about the tequilas they purchase.

additives to tequila

Understanding Additives in Tequila

Tequila may contain certain additives to enhance its flavor, color, aroma, and texture. Below are the most common types of additives found in tequila, their purposes, and tips for consumers on detecting their presence.

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