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T    Time

Tequila Reviews


Looking to get your tequila reviewed by

T-Time? Contact us below. Sponsorship opportunities are available for tequila and other products, like sunglasses!

Path with Plants

Got Toys?

Dog toy testing is happening!

Does it float? That's important or the verticals swim starts to engage with sinking toys.

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Wally & Quincy Jones

Quincy is our fetcher and Wally just likes getting all the "ducks" out of the water. 

The true stars of T-Time!



We'd be the first to admit that we are novice yet, we enjoy sharing our thoughts and learning more and more with each tasting.

We always welcome feedback!


Roaming Tequila

B-Roll footage is something 

we enjoy and look forward to sharing with everyone! You'll see us often out at local bars, stores and restaurants in South Florida and beyond.

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